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As one leading Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Material Supplier,our duty is to provide the materials and services to the Engineering Contractors,with our high quality products and competitive prices to help them win in the market competition,to achieve a win-win situation.

1. Mombasa Airport Security Fence (Perimeter: 18.5KM)
    Destination Seaport: Mombasa Kenya                    Destination Place: Airport,Mombasa Kenya 
    Fence Style: High Security Fence/358 Welded Wire Wall System  Material: High Tensile Steel,Hot Dipped Galvanised 
    Comment: Fence fabric,posts,arm crank,cover plates,concertina coils/razor coils,bolts& nuts,tools,etc. 

2. Bujumbura Separation Net (Perimeter: 4.5KM)
    Destination Seaport:Dar es Salaam Tanzania           Destination Place: Bujumbura Burundi 
    Fence Style: Chain Link Fencing                           Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel,Galvanised 
    Comment: Fence fabric,posts,double leaf gates,single leaf gates,tension wire; 
3. Darfur Boundary Fencing (Perimeter: 15.0KM)
    Destination Port: Khartoum Sudan                        Destination Place: Darfur Sudan 
    Fence Style: Chain Link Fencing                          Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel,Hot Dipped Galvanised 
    Comment: Fence fabric,posts,connection plate,brace arms,cranks,MS strip,tension wire,bolts&nuts,etc. 

4. Port au Prince Security Fence (Perimeter: 3.5KM)
    Destination Seaport: Port au Prince Haiti               Destination Place: Port au Prince Haiti
    Fence Style: Chain Link Fence                             Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel,Galvanised
    Comment: Fence fabric,posts,tie wire bag,tension band,brace band,tension bar,binding wire;

5. Port of Spain Security Fence (Perimeter: 5.0KM)
    Destination Seaport: Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago  Destination Place: Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago
    Fence Style: High Security Fence/358 Welded Wire Wall System  Material: High Tensile Steel,Hot Dipped Galvanised
    Comment: Welded Wire Panel Fabric,no accessories;

6. Oakland Garden Fence (4.5KM)
    Destination Port: Oakland United States                 Destination Place: Oakland United States
    Fence Style: 3D Welded Wire Mesh/ ECO Mesh     Material: Pre-galvanised Steel wire plus Powder Coated Black
    Comment: 3D Trellis Mesh Panel,Clamps;

7. La Habana Defend Mesh (28.60KM)
    Destination Seaport: La Habana Cuba                    Destination Place: La Habana Cuba
    Fence Style: PVC Coated Chain Link Fence           Material: Pre-galvanised Steel Wire plus PVC coating
    Comment: PVC coated chain link fence fabric,posts,tension wire,accessories;

8. Wire Mesh Fence sold to Australia,Austria,Denmark,Italy,Mauritius,Singapore,United Kingdom used as hospital,power plant,boundary defend fence,etc.

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