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 How to increase the adhesion of plastic powder?
 a. Before paint,do sand blasting or phosphating,then the wire surface will be clean,rough,wrapped a protective film;
   b. It is very important to choose the high adhension plastic powder;
   c. The oven temperature must up to 180 degree then start work.

● How many years does the powder coating mesh without rust?
   Under normal outdoors environment,can be used for five years without rusting.If under special environment,such as high humidity and high salinity conditions,the service life is not very clear.In this case,customer often request to weld the mesh panels with pre-galvanized wire or welded then do hot dipped galvanizing.Heavily zinc coating mesh panels service life can up to 10 years or even longer.

● How to identify the quality of the welded mesh?
   a. The welding spots to be firm,no missing welding,no incomplete welding,aperture size meet requirements;
   b. In the process of welding, metal mesh expansion and contraction phenomenon will usually cause some deviation,general diagonal error in ± 5mm,the size error ± 2mm;
   c. Standard wire diameter error should be controlled within ±0.05mm.
   d. Mesh surface smooth,without burr,the zinc coating or powder coating without exposure,no cracking.

● How do we start producing 3D mesh?
   In 2004,one of our guests in the United States brought a piece of 3D mesh sample to ask if we could produce it.At that time,there isn't anybody has had experience in producing this product in Anping,even no concerned equipments.But the guest is very anxious,he has a project in the USA,the cost is very high,he have to save cost down.We immediately organize the technical staff to discuss and determine the first batch of samples in a relatively simple equipment conditions.After many setbacks,the final product quality initially recognized by customer.In the Summer of that year ordered a 40 foot high cubic container,second container in Winter.After that,2-3 containers each year,it can be said that the demand is very small.By 2008,the demand suddenly increased to 12 containers,and the quality of the product requirements more stringent.In this case, we start to develop new machines and equipment.We are good at the welding machinery,but bending wire equipment is not so smooth,failed many times,and finally in the help of an engineer to succeed in the end of 2010,2011 officially put into production, 2012 technology tends to mature.

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