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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence PVC Coated Chain Link Fence PVC Coated Chain Link Fence PVC Coated Chain Link Fence
Product name : PVC Coated Chain Link Fence
Product No. : TSGH-01
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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence/ Poly Vinyl Chloride Coated Chain Link Mesh

PVC coated chain link fabric is a bonded vinyl,high strength galvanized steel chain link fence fabric for industrial,commercial and institutional applications.It is widely used  in prison,road,dock,airport,housing,forestry,and military use. 

Material: PVC coated wire,the core of it can be electro galvanized iron wire,hot dip galvanized wire or black annealed iron wire.

Weaving and feature: 
The core wire material coated with PVC before weaving,then the pvc coated wire is formed into chain link fabric first and be weaved.Its woven diamond pattern provides strong,durable and flexible construction.The closely spaced diamond mesh construction gives the fence linear strength and springy texture to protect animals from injury and prevent predators from entering your premises.

PVC coating colours available for green,blue,brown,white,black or other colours as custom.

Applications of the PVC Chain Link Fence:
PVC coated chain link fence is mainly used as fence for gardens,playground,power plants,railway,airport,seaport,residence,agricultural planting,etc.

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