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3D Welded Mesh 3D Welded Mesh 3D Welded Mesh 3D Welded Mesh
Product name : 3D Welded Mesh
Product No. : WM-031
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3D Welded Mesh-3D Trellis Mesh

Our 3D trellis mesh is a three dimensional welded wire structure.It also known as ivy screen,living screen,galvacore structural panel,green screen,masonary screen,tridimesh,consist of two plain welded wire mesh,one piece at the front,the other at the back.The snake wires go through and joint the both plain welded mesh together,welded at each joint points. 

Low Carbon Steel Pre-galvanised Wire

Width: 3' 4' 
Length: 6' 8' 10' 12' 14' the max we made is 15' and 16'
Aperture: 2" x 2"
Depth: 50mm 75mm

Powder Coated/ Paint,PVC Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanised

Carbon Black,Grass Green,White or as custom

Application of 3D Trellis Mesh:
Enhances the appearance of building,parking garage,entryway,backyard,garden,street;
Hides unsightly mechanical equipment,service area,storage access and unattractive building,privacy site;
Landscape needed
Cleans and cools air
Buffer wind and sound
Improves energy efficiency

Aesthetic,Lightweight and Rigid

The 3D Trellis Mesh Panel can be installed on a fence,wall or free standing. It also know as ivy screen,vine screen,living screen,double net,climbing plant mesh trellis,ECO mesh Modular Plant Trellis,etc.

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